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Other than vibrating screen and screening equipment, our company also offers crushing equipment, feeding equipment, belt conveyor, and high amplitude screen, etc.

Main Products
  • Equal Thickness Vibrating Screen The equal thickness vibrating screen is specially designed for dry or wet feedstock screening in the mining and coal industry. The angle between screen surface and horizontal plane starts from 34° in the input, then decrease to 10° in the output. The density of screen layer remains constant. Thus, the feedstock can be distributed evenly in the screen surface and maintain a stable ratio of input to speed. Compared with other vibrating screens, the equal thickness vibrating screen delivers...
  • Rotary Vibrating Screen The rotary vibrating screen is widely used for screening and filtering in grinding, ceramics, chemicals, food, paper, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries. It utilizes the unbalance hammer equipped in the motor shaft to convert the rotation of motor into three dimensional movement, namely horizontal, vertical and inclined movement. The three dimensional movement is then transferred to the screen plate...