Equipment Name
vibrating screen and coke screen for a sinter produced by blast furnaces

China Steel Corporation

Case Details
We vibrating equipment co., Ltd provides China steel corporation with ZSGB-1850 series vibrating screen and ZSGB-1536 series coke screen for a sinter produced by blast furnaces. Our work, which includes design, manufacture, transportation, installation guide, test run and practical run, all receives a good reputation from the custom. Apart from meeting the custom's demands for materials and space, we also manage to improve the efficiency of screening.

As for information about usage of the system, the feedback is as followed. Vibrating screen from We has replaced woven wire screen with plate grizzly screen plate. As a result, the efficiency of screening reaches 97%, a data which is obtained by many times sampling analysis. With same area of screen plate, vibrating screen from We has higher efficiency of screening. Instead of polyurethane grizzly screen plate, ceramic grizzly screen plate is applied as coke screen, thus achieving high screening efficiency,which is 95%, with same area of screen plate.

Test Report Data Of ZSGB-1850 Series Sinter Vibrating Screen
Oversize Analysis Test result on Feb 10, 2011 Test result on Feb 12, 2011 Test result on Apr 20, 2011 Test result on Jul 26, 2011
Size ( mm ) Percentage ( % )
> 50 0.1 0.0 1.0 1.3
40-50 0.7 0.3 1.3 0.4
25-40 4.9 4.2 13.1 2.8
16-25 16.2 12.4 25.1 12.1
10-16 27.7 26.1 27.3 27.8
5-10 46.8 48.7 30.7 46.9
< 5 3.6 8.3 1.5 8.7
Undersize Analysis Percentage ( % )
> 5 5.8 4.0 2.7 3.5
≤ 5 94.2 96 97.3 96.5

Photos of ZSGB-1850 series sinter vibrating screen before delivery and ZSGB-1536 series coke screen on site are as followed pictures.

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