Vibrating Hopper

Vibrating Hopper

The vibrating hopper is a reliable and energy saving product. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, power plant, chemicals, construction and many other areas. The hopper is applicable for any circular and cubic feed bin without dust spill.

The vibrating hopper utilizes a vibrating motor, which is loaded in the bottom, as a vibrating source to break agglomeration and enable feeding evenly without blockage. The vibrating hopper, lined with ceramics, rubber, polyurethane or manganese plate, is connected to the feed bin elastically. In operation, the vibrating motor drives the hopper into a very vigorous vibration to produce normal force and shear force on the feedstock. The former one passes radially and deeply into the feedstock, while the later one breaks the agglomeration of feedstock. By these two forces combined, the feedstock flows out of the discharge port swiftly and stably.

Model Voltage (v) Power (kw) Wall thickness
of hopper (mm)
Hopper top
capacity (m³)
Exciting force (KN) Frequency (Hz) Amplitude (mm) Weight (kg)
ZFB-4 380 0.15 3.2-4.5 1 1.5 50 1.5 28
ZFB-5 0.25 4.5-6 3 2.5 2 40
ZFB-6 0.4 6-8 10 5 2 60
ZFB-10 0.75 8-10 20 8 4 90
ZFB-15 0.75 10-13 50 17 4 180
ZFB-25 2.5 13-15 150 30 5 220
ZFB-40  3.7 25-40 200 50 5 280

As a specialized vibrating hopper manufacturer and supplier in China, we also supply stationary crushing and screening plant, vibrating distributor, large amplitude screen, etc.

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