Disc Feeder

Disc Feeder

The disc feeder is applicable for continuous feeding of non-viscous powder or small particle. It is transmitted by a reducer and slewing ring which makes the disc move circularly. The feeding is available by the aiding of sleeve, blade and valve. The hardened tooth reducer, adjustable feeding valve and large diameter slewing ring are adopted. The disc feeder has an independent lubrication system and ash cleaning device in the lower side. There is no need to clear storage for maintenance. In sum, it is an ideal feeder showing properties of long lifespan and low operation cost.

1. The disc feeder adopts wear resistant lining plate.
2. The screen pore is unlikely to be blocked.
3. Automatic clearing feedstock is available.

Model Disc diameter(mm) Max. feeding size(mm) Production capacity(m3/h) Motor Power (kw) Rotation speed (rpm)
WYPG-1000 1000 40 14 Y112M-6 2.2 7.5
WYPG-1500 1500 55 25 Y132M2-6 5.5 7.5
WYPG-1700 1700 60 42 Y160L-6 11 6.3
WYPG-2000 2000 80 30-130 YVP180L-4 22 2-8
WYPG-2500 2500 80 15-150 YVP180L-4 22 0.6-6
WYPG-3000 3000 80 75-180 YVP200L-4 30 1.3-3.1

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