Grizzly Feeder

Grizzly Feeder

The grizzly feeder is used for pre-screening and feedstock distribution before crushing in mining, construction, power plant, and metallurgy industry. It is driven by a novel type vibration motor which can reach maximum dual amplitude of 11 mm and frequency of 1470 r/min. The product can evenly feed materials before coarse crushing and remove small particles such as mud due to the effect of screen bar.

The grizzly feeder covers an area from 0.9m*2.4m to 2m*6m. In operation, the motor does not take part in vibration which can be damped by rubber spring or steel spring or composite one. It is joined by universal coupling. The screen plate whose angle can be adjusted from 0 to 15 degrees offers high wear resistance. In addition, the wearable lining plate made by cast steel or HARDOX is used. The grizzly feeder has the advantages of high processing capacity, long lifespan, variable force of vibration, and good impact resistance. Specifically, the product 1848 can has a maximum capacity of 480 tons.

Model Screening
area m2
size mm
capacity t/h
Double amplitude
Frequency r/min Motor Slope º
Model Power kw
0924 1.4 ≤400 50-200 6-9 960 Y132M1-6 4.0 0-15
1030 3.0 ≤400 50-250 6-9 960 Y132M1-6 4.0 0-15
1230 3.6 ≤700 50-300 6-8 960 Y132M2-6 5.5 0-15
1330 3.9 ≤700 50-400 6-8 960 Y132M1-6 4.0 0-15
1428 3.92 ≤800 50-400 7-9 960 Y132M2-6 5.5 0-15
W1530 4.5 ≤800 50-410 8-12 970 Y160L-6 11 0-15
1836 6.48 ≤800 50-430 8-11 1470 Y180L-4 22 0-15
1842 7.56 ≤800 50-450 8-11 1470 Y200L-4 30 0-15
1848 8.64 ≤800 50-480 8-11 1470 Y200L-4 30 0-15

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