Oil Drilling Filtering Screen

Oil Drilling Filtering Screen

The oil drilling filtering screen is a three section type linear vibrating screen used for filtering out harmful solid particles in the drilling fluid. It is mainly used in combination with various over 2000 meters drilling rigs installed on oil fields.

Motion track Elliptical /Linear
Screen type Wave type hook edge screen
Mesh range 80-200
Vibrating amplitude ≥5.5mm
Screen box tilt angle -1°~+5 °
Protection grade IP55
Screen area (㎡) 1050*2100
Drilling liquid handling capacity (m3/h) >200
Solid particle diameter (μm) ≥75

1. The oil drilling filtering screen adopts two high frequency vibration motors.
2. It offers compact structure, light weight and occupies a small floor area.
3. The screen causes low noise, which is lower than 78 dBA.
4. Both flat plate screen and wave type screen are available. The use of wave type screen contributes to enlarging screening area and increasing the liquid handling capacity to 125%.
5. The single side tensioning system allows for fast screen changes. In fact, each screen can be replaced within one minute.
6. The screen frame adopts manual hydraulic cylinder push rod lift structure. Quick changing of screen frame tilt angle between -1° and 5° can be realized without affecting the continuous operation of the equipment. This allows effective handling of the slurry.
7. The composite spring has good vibration isolation effect, low noise and long service life.
8. The vibrating screen feeder (mud box) and wellhead overflow pipeline interface can connect the pipeline from the two sides or the back of the feeder, according to users' requirements.
9. The layers of the oil drilling filtering screen can be customized.

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