Triaxial Vibrating Screen

Triaxial Vibrating Screen

The triaxial vibrating screen is applicable for screening sinter ores of steel factory. It can be operated at a processing capacity of 400-600 tons of feedstock with a 3.9×9.0m2 screen plate through elliptical motion by a motor-synchronized vibration exciter. Three angles of the screen plate are 5°, 10° and 15°. In operation, you are allowed to choose one angle of these or customize other angles based on your needs. These three angles are in proportional which makes the even distribution of feedstock and fine screening in the output. Compared with other vibrating screen, the triaxial vibrating screen increases its processing capacity by 10-15% and efficiency by 10%. The power of the vibrating screen is normally 30×2kw, and less power consumption vibrating screen type is also optional.

Model Material
Production capacity(t/h) Screening area (m2) Motor Grading dot (mm) Vibrating
Double amplitude
Model Power (kw) Voltage (v) Linear Ellipse
Long axis Short axis
WZTDS-2060 < 100 150-200 2.0×6.0 Y200L-8 15×2 380 5 12.25 10-13 10-13 4-6
WZTDS-2575 < 100 200-400 2.5×7.5 Y225M-8 22×2 380 5-20 12.25 10-13 10-13 4-6
WZTDS-2690 < 100 300-500 2.6×9.0 Y225M-8 22×2 380 5-20 12.25 10-13 10-13 4-6
WZTDS-3175 < 100 350-600 3.1×7.5 Y250M-8 30×2 380 5-20 12.25 10-13 10-13 4-6
WZTDS-2560 < 100 200-350 2.5×6.0 Y225M-8 22×2 380 5-20 12.25 10-13 10-13 4-6
WZTDS-3090 < 100 400-600 3.9×9.0 Y250M-8 30×2 380 5-20 12.25 10-13 10-13 4-6

1. The screen lining plate is seamless and riveted by HUCK bolts.
2. Bearings are lubricated by oil or grease and our patented centralized lubrication system is also optional.
3. The adoption of duplicate damping technology helps decrease dynamic load.
4. Intelligent vibration exciter for decreasing the oil temperature and device for walking are optional.
5. The complex spring consists of inner steel structure and outside rubber enclosure.
6. The screen plate is made by alloy steel and driven by universal joint.
7. The specifications of the triaxial vibrating screen can be from 1.5m*4.5m to 4m*10m.
8. Motor is totally isolated from vibration.

As a China-based triaxial vibrating screen manufacturer, we also provide blast furnace vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, feeding equipment, etc.

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